ReliMail is looking to partner with companies whose primary clients would benefit from our Email Infrastructure. Our partners will provide us with an indirect sales channel. By partnering with us, your company will be able to better serve your clients’ needs while improving your revenue. If you see synergies between what we do and what your customers need, then ReliMail could be beneficial to expanding your portfolio.
Whether you are an Agency, or an IT implementation company, you will have a sure advantage and gain value through collaborating with ReliMail.
We’re known for being highly flexible with the products, services and solutions we deliver to our customers. We apply that same approach to partner engagement. We’ll provide the resources, tools and training you need to be successful in your given area of expertise.

ReliMail Partners can earn up to 45% commission on monthly licensing!

Our value-added reseller partners include companies who strive to deliver the best solutions to their clients combined with their own products and services. These partners include Agencies, systems integrator companies, IT consulting firms, and other organizations that wish to include our product in their portfolio of services. In addition, they will generate more revenue for our current and future clients.

ReliMail is a fast growing Global Software Company, making it a Technology Leader and the most trusted Email Infrastructure in the world.

Partnering with ReliMail is an Opportunity Not to Miss

By 2024, the cloud email and collaboration market is projected to be worth around 81 billion U.S. dollars annually, almost doubling its projected size in 2020.

Full Support from Start to Finish

We support our partners throughout the entire process, from providing marketing collateral, to finding sales leads, to technical implementation and support services. This ensures that ReliMail maintains its reputation as a reliable Email Infrastructure provider and market leader.

Business Email Market Growth Increases

More than half of the global population now uses email. Updated figures early in 2019 shows the total number of active email users has jumped to 3.9 billion. This figure is predicted to grow to 7 billion by 2024 which is almost double in size.

Leaders in Collaboration Technology

ReliMail’s vision aims to provide virtual products that are both innovative and disruptive in the Business Collaboration industry. We strive to offer the most up-to-date features in order to best serve our clients and outpace our competitors.

We Handle Tech, You Handle Business

ReliMail is an end-to-end solution and we believe that everyone should focus on their strong points. We will handle the technology, the infrastructure and support while you focus on building business relationships.

Together, we make digital communication safer!

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