ReliMail is an affordable, cloud based, email solution that reduces the overall IT cost and digital footprint of companies electronic data, ensuring a safer, more reliable way to communicate digitally.
The idea was born in 2015 after a long struggle to find an effective service provider that is transparent, easy to use, cost effective and reliable. After countless hours of research, development and finding the right team, we started small, with a single product and scaled as the need for our products increased.
We are customer service orientated and our products were designed to ensure our clients achieve an effortless email solution that is cost effective and reliable.

ReliMail was developed with affordability, security and reliability in mind and is scalable according to clients’ needs!

“Innovative Technology, a solid team and awesome clients is what makes ReliMail unique and ground breaking”.

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ReliMail is a fast growing Global Software Company, making it a Technology Leader and the most trusted Email Infrastructure in the world.

ReliMail is an innovative Technology Company with an emphasis on Cloud Collaboration and Security. Learn more about our Company, Our Infrastructure, How we handle Security and Regulatory Compliance with the quick links below.

Together, we make digital communication safer!

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