As we enter the Digital Transformation age, Data Security & Privacy will play a crucial role in safe guarding an organizations information. We understand that security is critical to your success in digital collaboration. This is a responsibility which we take extremely seriously, and therefore work with top security researchers to stay up to date in the web security sector.
We have aligned ourselves with Industry best practices to provide a intuitive Cloud Collaboration Infrastructure that meets all the necessary requirements for organizations to feel comfortable in using our platform.

ReliMails’ Infrastructure partners are considered leaders in the industry and we have chosen Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform as our Cloud Infrastructure Partners.

We understand the risk of online transactions and have taken strict measures to protect your Billing Information and Comply to Industry Standards.

To keep our users and their data safe, we continually and carefully monitor, fix and prevent any security vulnerabilities.

ReliMail is a fast growing Global Software Company, making it a Technology Leader and the most trusted Email Infrastructure in the world.

ReliMail is an innovative Technology Company with an emphasis on Cloud Collaboration and Security. Learn more about our Company, Our Infrastructure, How we handle Security and Regulatory Compliance with the quick links below.

Together, we make digital communication safer!

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