The concept of corporate identity is one that has moved far beyond the days of having a logo and maybe a slogan, sometimes a few brand colours.  The idea of a corporate identity is one that can be shared across all platforms from physical marketing to websites, social media and to emails.  But how can you bring that corporate identity to your emails in an effective and fluent manner?

What is a Corporate Identity?

To gain the benefits of a corporate identity in emails and other communications, you first need to have a good understanding of what it is and how your business can create one.  A good brand identity should include three core elements:

  • The value proposition that you offer to your customers
  • The capabilities system that lets you create that value
  • The products and/or services that use those capabilities

Let’s look at Apple as an example of a company with strong brand identity.  They are “committed to bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software and services.”  To do this, they use the unique abilities of their staff and developers to create operating systems, applications, hardware and software that give their customers new solutions to existing problems with innovative design.

Applying Corporate Identity

Once you have established what your business has to offer and what services and products that it can provide customers, then you can begin to apply those principles to the many different elements that make up an identity.

There are lots of different ways you can use your corporate identity and build this in the minds of your customers.  Examples might include business cards, letterhead paper for communications, mailing labels and fax covers.  Signage on buildings and vehicles can also use the visual elements of a brand.

Online communications can also be brought into the corporate identity in different ways to ensure that there is a cohesive approach across everything that the company does, offline and online.  One of the most important elements of this is the use of corporate identity in emails.

Corporate Identity in Emails

When social media took the world by storm, some experts were saying that email was dead and that communication via sites such as Facebook would take centre stage.  But this has proven to be anything but the case.  It is estimated that the number of emails sent and received every day is in excess of 200 billion.

Emails are also highly modifiable to ensure they are a strong part of the corporate identity.  You can add a logo, unify text formatting, use brand colours and fonts to create templates for everyone within the company to use.  This means that all internal and external communications adhere to the brand.  Even small touches such as individual email signatures for staff members can enhance the look of the email communications.

Specialist Software

The key to achieving email communications that utilise the benefits of corporate identity is using the right software and here at ReliMail, we offer a specialist software package that can easily allow you to do this.  Our interactive emails can capture readers’ attention and make the most of every inch of an email.  It allows companies to harness the power of targeted messages and promotions while ensuring that every communication is on-brand and follows the corporate identity.